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Project E-Bomb started life as a average daily driven BMW 325i. E-Bomb was a well cared for car with normal maintenance. About six years ago the owners daughter became of age to drive and was gifted with E-Bomb. Saddled with the burden of having to drive herself around in such an "ugly" car she gave no care to the maintenance or upkeep of this little car. So about three years ago when the car mysteriously quit running and was taken to a repair shop, she was quite surprised when told that the timing belt had snapped and it was going to cost a lot of money to repair. There the vehicle sat for the next three years, with the sunroof cracked open getting rained, hailed, and snowed on. The entire time with a new car cover in the trunk! We rescued what was left of this little car and will be putting up on Facebook the journey of this little car.

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